Why buy a universal SUP gift card?


We've created a gift card scheme that's fair for customers and fair for the participants.  What do we mean by that?

Fair for paddleboarders

These gift cards are accepted an ever increasing number of SUP business, therefore giving the recipient a wide range of options for spending their gift, whatever the value.  Whether that be a SUP branded t-shirt for £15, SUP rental for £15 - 30 a day, or a SUP experience for several hundred pounds.

They last for two years, and we will always send a 12 month, 6 month and 1 month reminder so no-one should be caught out.  And on request we will extend the duration of the voucher.  So no more money lost on expired vouchers.

As we say, fair for the paddleboarder!

Fair for participants

All of our participants are small UK businesses who deserve support.  Every single penny of the voucher goes to the company you spend it with, when you spend it.  No scheme participation costs or admin charges. And no long delays.

In the unlikely situation that a gift card doesn't get spent (despite the regular reminders from us!), any left over funds are distributed 50:50 between charitable causes an the scheme participants.

So as we say, fair to the participants.

Christmas SUP gift card

Find a retailer

We don't sell the giftcards directly - you'll need to go to one of our retailers to buy them